Thursday, May 7, 2009

Where has the time gone?

Last night after my choir concert, I turned around to see to little toddlers playing on the risers on stage. Initially, I thought who is letting their little ones run on the stage! Quickly, I realized they were mine. Oops! The thing that really got me was that it dawned on me that Avery isn't a baby anymore. She's not falling over her feet when she walks, and that child definitely has no problems running! She has a larger vocabulary then Asher had at that age (all girls love to talk) and she has no problem holding her own. She's not a baby. She's a toddler. Where has that time gone? Isn't it crazy how fast they grow up. I jokingly tell Mike it's time for another one...except she is still a sassy pants that I can't keep up with, so that next baby is long off (if ever).

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Story Time

Our Friday night turned out to be a little different then I expected. I needed to purchase a suit for my upcoming choir competitions (and found a really cute one! If only I could afford these to go with it...hint, hint I wear a 7.5 honey). So Mike and Asher decided they would join me on this quest. Before we even got started, Mike and Asher wanted to go to the "library" (Barnes & Noble) to look for books and play with the trains. They were having a children's author reading his story this particular night. Just as we were preparing to leave, they announced it. Feeling mother's guilt for never taking Ash to story time before, I grudgingly said he could go. So we slowly walked back to the story corner.

Now, I don't know how most story times go, but usually there are children to read books to. I felt horrible for this man since Asher was the only child to show up! To make things worse, it was a book meant for 3rd-5th graders entitled Even the Dead Get up for Milk. "Great, the child is going to have nightmares," was what I kept thinking to myself. I couldn't just get up and take Asher though since he was the only little one there!

Thankfully, Asher sat like a champ (and the book had pictures!) through the entire 60+ pages. He answered the authors letters and even looked at the interpreter as she read it in Spanish (it is a bi-lingual book). Everyone kept telling me how well behaved he was, and he even thanked the man after he finished reading. Luckily, he left the comment "That was a strange mystery book" for after we left the store.

The bonus is that he made it on their webpage. Check Asher out here with the author and translator! He's referred to as the little fan!