Monday, June 29, 2009

Easily Distracted

I'm having one of those days today. We all have them, I'm sure. Some just more than others. You know the day...where nothing goes right regardless of what you do. I've somewhat given up on salvaging the day and I'm blogging to avoid homework. Imagine that.

I guess getting up at 5:00 is finally starting to wear me down. I feel exhausted! I am definitely NOT a morning person. I envy all you morning people. The problem is I'm not a night person either. Go figure.

Out the door by 5:45 to miss rush hour traffic. On the south side by 7:30. Quick nap in the car since I almost fell asleep driving. Not good. It didn't help that my favorite radio show is off this week! Classes actually did go well today and I was brave enough to volunteer to conduct in front of the class. I must have started the day well...

I have a hard time focusing once I get home to and need to do my homework. Asher and Avery need my attention (and I want to give it to them 100%). The house needs tending to, the dog needs walking, and dinner needs cooking. Needless to say, when Ash asking to go to Culver's for dinner, I didn't fight him. I'll justify it as a potty reward. Culvers was another story considering I spilled my drink and had a little mental break down.

Now babies are sleeping and I'm working on the master's project revising, revising, revising. Okay, now I'm blogging, but I'll be back at work on the project. Then arranging, then choir reflection paper....then BED! Oh pillow, my head can not hit you soon enough.

Sorry for the complaining. At least the weather was BEAUTIFUL today. Praise the Lord for giving us gorgeous weather!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Current scores...

Potty training is finally starting to take off! Avery pretty much goes as long as you put her on the potty. She is highly motivated by M&M's (I wonder where she gets that from!)...Asher likes all the stickers that Jaime brought him with cars. She has a little system for him where he gets a car if he gets 3 stickers. We've almost made it to two cars...hopefully we'll have a garage full soon. Hopefully!

Any potty training wisdom you all have would be fabulous. I'm just looking forward to the extra money in the budget with the diapers column gone! :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

I know...I know.

So life has been crazy in the Tiojanco household these past five weeks since I blogged. My deepest apologies. I'm sure you have all checked it daily waiting to see what we have been doing in our neck of the woods...right.

Anyway. Like I said, life has been crazy. We have some major happenings around here! I started grad school full-time last week. This consists of me leaving the house everyday around 6 a.m. to commute downtown (yes, 50 miles) to school. I'm done around 3:30 everyday, but don't grace my doorstep until 5 or 6. Due to this, if you visit my house, you will find mass chaos, a dog needing to be walked, a laundry pile that is as tall as Avery, and much more. Shout out to my honey for picking up on my slack! I couldn't do life without that man. On the plus side, this is hopefully my last summer in school since I'll be graduating on July 25th. See you all there, I'm sure.

If you have a second, please pray that I finish my project. I'm up to 65 pages and counting and have been informed that "it never hurts" to add more. Never hurts who, I ask.

Next up...National Boards next year. I just got my box today and I'm actually excited. I think I have a sickness when it comes to degrees and certification.

Our other BIG news is that we are POTTY TRAINING! Maybe this is where we really need the prayer warriors. Asher is stubborn. I take full credit for that one. He gets playing and does not care a bit about the rest of the world. My 16 year old sister Jaime is staying with us for three weeks. She is babysitting them during the day...and she accepted the potty training challenge head on. In fact, I think she initiated it (perhaps the monetary incentive that goes along with it'll do anything for money at that age). She arrived Sunday armed with ideas, M&M's, and a great attitude.

The current PTS (Potty Training Score) is....

***Drum role please***

Asher: 1

Avery: 2

Yeah for the 22 month old that gets it...that child will do anything for food!