Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer update in pictures

Happi over at The Berger Buzz gave a picture update of all their summer happenings. Since I am so random at blogging, I thought I too would do the same. Really, I just am not as creative as her and steal everyone's ideas...oh well.

We had a fantastic time at the Milwaukee Zoo with Auntie Janna. She even took Ash on their yearly camel ride...Here is one big backside (the camel's that is)

We attended my cousin's wedding in Georgia where I sang and Mike walked babies around.

We also danced the night away (and Avery fell asleep).

My Uncle T baptized me and my little sister Jessa in the pool at Howard Johnsons. I know, interesting place to have it. My Granny got very creative to make it happen! Something I should have done a long time ago. It was great to have someone close to me do it though. Don't worry, he's a pastor, so it is official. :)

Went to our first movie with my friend Jamie.

SOOO much more happened. I will post more pictures and bring us into July on the next post!

Sleeping children means I should be sleeping too!

Meet the family...

For all those out there that read my blog (all two of you), I thought I should introduce you to my family. You've already been introduced to my two kiddos, Ash and Ave, but I've also talked about the bottom 5...siblings that is. I have an older sis (shout out to Janna...I'm so hip, aren't I) who is in the upper 2 perfect children with me. When I was ten, my parents started the second half...or the little kids (Jaime (15), John (12), Josiah (11), Jessa (9), and Josh (5)) Looking back, I may not have always loved having such little brothers and sisters. When is it cool for your nine month pregnant mom to pick up you and your date for homecoming? But it was fun to be a junior in college with a newborn brother. I am grateful that Asher can relate so well the little kids, especially since Josh is only two years older than him. I count it a privilege to have such a big family. I love the chaos (perhaps naming us all with a J helped that), never really being bored, and the craziness that comes with a big family. Now that my mom is most likely falling over if she is reading are a few pictures from our time out in Michigan.

Asher and Uncle Josh

Jessa and her Asian mini-me

Jaime and Avery at the zoo...she can relate to the stares people used to give me at her age when I would have to do that!

The Toledo Zoo was great (but 98 degrees!)..they had these random little statues of animals everywhere. My family of course hops on all of them!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bed Sharing...

is never fun with a toddler!

Once again, this week I was out watching the little kids for my parents. I say little, but they are 5-15..not so little anymore. We had a GREAT time "family bonding" by going to the park and zoo. Most importantly, there is someone always here to entertain Asher in the basement of toys!

All week long I've had to share a bed with Asher. Avery sleeps in my parents' bathroom whenever we are here because it is massive! Seriously, bigger than some of my bedrooms growing up. Who needs that much space to do those things! Anyway, Asher and I had the joy of sharing a bed. I have had the joy of being kicked in the face every night this far. Oh, he snores too. I would hate to leave that out! But, even if he lies sideways over both our pillows the entire night, I can't complain. How many more times am I going to have the opportunity to snuggle with my favorite two year old every night for a week? I value these moments because we all know they aren't going to last forever...even if it means I have a soggy slobbered on pillow in the morning.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Birthday Fun

So today was my birthday...and I found that I was quite surprised about several things:

1. I'm not really enjoying them as much as I get older. It was fun when the milestones were 16, 18, 21. But now that my next milestone is 30 (in four years), it isn't as much fun. I wonder why?

2. Facebook is a wonderful thing! I was surprised how many people wished me happy birthday on facebook. Isn't it great when you have something to remind you of someone's birthday? Thanks everyone! Now I have no reason to forget theirs either though. Need to work on that one.

3. I have the BEST little brothers. I am watching my 5 younger siblings while my parents are out of town. When I walked in this morning, they all sang happy birhtday. Much to my suprise tonight, they made me their version of my dad's homemade milkshakes that I love! Pretty good for a 13 and 11 year old!

4. My husband is so sweet...okay, already knew this one...but remembering flowers when he wasn't there was nice. Thanks honey.

5. I really do love birthday traditions. Ever since we were little, my family from the south has called and sung happy birthday over the phone. They never fail, even when I'm turning 26 and am not the youngest cousin anymore (by far).

6. I'm officially missing my younger body! Things do not look the same as they did before children. I miss being skinny! I'm officially on the get skinny by my husband's ten year reunion. I've already threaten that if I get back to my size 4's from before Asher that I am never having another child. We can ADOPT! :) Any tips from people who have lost baby weight...anyone needing a partner to cry with when you just want to eat chocolate? Give me a call! :)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Don't you just LOVE GPS?

I will be the first to admit that I am horrible at directions. Thankfully I have a built in GPS system named Asher. He has the way to places memorized and will quickly tell which way to go. I'm actually quite impressed that a two year old can get me to my in-laws house which is 25 minutes a way. Often I hear..."not that way mommy" or "green means go mommy." Just wait until he has his permit...I'm going to give it to him. :)

Asher is obsessed with "monster trucks" lately. He finds them a says in a very manly voice "woh mommy, monster truck.." It is really quite cute. However today, I was telling him to look out his window for some. He said that he was looking out his "nonow" (window) for one. I didn't really understand what he was saying, so I asked him to repeat it. He said to me quite seriously (and very cutely), "Mommy, me not know how to say that word." At least he is honest.