Monday, January 19, 2009

We all have one...

Whether you're a workin' outside the home momma or stay at home mommy, we all have one...a household chore that we put last on the list and manage to fall behind on. For some of us, it's bathrooms, others dusting. For me, it is laundry! I have tried everything to make it "fun." Cute organizers, great smelling laundry detergents, a little lint collection cleaner. My hubster even went as far as to buy me the flip fold.But still, I hate laundry. I am sadly going to admit that there are even times when I have to run the wash twice due to forgetting about putting it in the dryer. Currently, it is backed up three or four loads...and folding is another story. I fold, then forget to put away. I put away, but spend an hour reorganizing every drawer that has been messed up.

So this workin' momma is honestly thinking of an outside service. It all started when I saw that our local dry cleaner offers laundry washed and folded for $1/pound. Granted, I could never stoop as far as to bring my undies to them...but maybe the hubby's. I think I may go as far as to weigh my next load, just to see if it is realistic. Although if I do this, the next thing would be to get a maid...and I'm thinking the hubster will give me a big no on that one. I can't imagine why...;)

So what about you? What chore do you hate doing...or in my case let pile up? Or how do you manage to get all your laundry done...any fun tips?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Organic anyone...?

I'm turning to all you in the "blogosphere" to see if you you have any tips on eating organic. As part of our New Year's resolutions (which I am so far..a whole 7 days keeping), we are trying to be more healthy which includes our eating. We already purchase organic items, but have never gone fully organic. I try to buy things for the kids such as their juice, produce, or veggies. I LOVE the organic beef that we buy. It is only about $1 more at Target and tastes amazing! You can tell just by looking at it that it is healthier. If you haven't tried it, you should just once!

Anyway, do any of you eat organic? If so, how do you afford it? Where do you shop? Share your wealth of info...pretty please with a cherry on top! I'll be your best friend (as my first graders use to get the mallets for the Orff instruments next).

Sunday, January 4, 2009

So he won't win the spelling bee...

So Asher knows all his letters and numbers (and has since last Christmas when he got a letter puzzle). Sometimes knowing things backfires on us though. I was changing his diaper the other day and he looked up at the T.V. and smiled. He looked at me extremely proud of himself and said, "Hey mommy, I know how to spell T.V. S-O-N-Y. T.V.!"

He was so impressed with himself I didn't have the heart to tell him it was Sony. So he might not win the spelling bee one day...but at least he has his looks. :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A New Year...

I've never really been one for New Year's resolutions. I say that most likely to make myself feel better since I always make them, but never really keep them. Isn't that the point of making them in the first place?

On New Year's day, Mike and I sat down and decided what our goals were for our family. We did not agree on all of them...but did get a few of them accomplished. I went as far as to make them for my children. Is that weird? Asher's goal (that he made himself of course) include being potty trained, attending preschool in the fall, and learning basic chores around the house like making his bed in the morning. He even told me that he wanted to start on the cello (with NO coaching from me of course). Avery even took the time to make her own too (isn't she a brilliant 16 month old?). She would like to work on potty training by Christmas next year, recognize her letters, and be nicer to her brother. Okay, after typing all this I feel like one of those crazy mothers, but oh well. My children will be accomplished (right...).

Now for my resolutions....drum roll please:
1. Get into the Word daily, even if just for a few minutes.
2. Lose 35 pounds.
3. Slow down.

For all those that read my blog (which is probably no one since I NEVER update), I am hoping that you will keep me accountable to my resolutions this year. The first resolution I am making is to lose weight. I know that I have made this one MANY times over, but I am officially on board since my time at the gym. I was rocking it out running on the treadmill when I caught a glimpse of something that was also running in the mirror. In my mind I thought, "It's a great thing that person is here...check out that big butt." Well, you guessed was MY big butt running on the treadmill. That is when, while wiping away a tear (that I can't have chocolate anymore), I vowed to KEEP my resolution. This officially means that you all have the permission to say to me "Hey big butt, get to the gym." Enjoy it while you can...hopefully by this summer I'll be down 35 pounds and you won't be able to say that! On the bright side, I'll be able to fit into all my clothes from before having Asher, although they are probably out of style now.

I am also hoping to slow my life down some, which I think will help with my other goals. I am someone who thrives on getting things accomplished, being apart of activities, and seeing end results. I love everything I do, but I love my family and sanity more. After a crazy month of December, which included singing at church every weekend and Christmas Eve, going out of town for a conference for a week, Christmas shopping, traveling, and directing the school play of Snow White, I have had it. Thankfully I've had the last two weeks at home with my children to slow down and just be there for them. Mike and I were able to come up with several ideas on how I might be able to work part-time or just teach several lessons a week for some extra money. Please pray that this might work out so I can slow my life down and really put more time and investment into my children. I know that I am not one to be cut out for staying at home full time, but if I honestly feel that this is what the Lord wills for right now, then who am I to say otherwise. I know that this will all work out in the end the way it should whether or not I work...I just need to learn the work NO. Maybe that should be resolution number four.

Hope you all had a fabulous holiday to come soon.