Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's amazing what some floaties can do...

I am a swimmer. I love to swim (minus the bathing suit part). Before I could walk, my mom would drop me off the diving board in swim lessons, and I would swim back to the side (and no, I didn't walk at 5). To press the point further, my mom made me follow in her footsteps and do something that is great to watch on tape (for everyone but ME). I was a synchronized swimmer. Maybe I'll post of a tape of me in the early days when I look like I was half drowning. Oh, you may mock the sport, but it is HARD people! I suppose I was okay at it since I went to competitions in several different states. But, really, I'm not bragging. I will actually be hanging my head in shame the next time I see anyone who I know reads this.

So that is why I insisted that we do swim lessons with Asher. I'm doing a parent/tot swim at the park district pool. We had a lot of fun at our first lessons, doing "Wheels on the Bus," playing with duckies, and getting each other wet with big cups. But you can't leave a two year old's side in the pool...and even with swim lessons, they still can't swim alone.

So we invested in floaties. Like any bad parent, I valued my vacation time in the pool and let my child cheat just for a few days. Trust me, I'm dreading swim lessons on Saturday when he finds out he can't wear his "besial best" (special vest) and his "foaties" (floaties) to hold him up. Which stinks, because he was EVERYWHERE in that pool and didn't need any help at all. Oh well, he needs to learn to swim b/c you can't use floaties when you're twenty-five (plus, the chicks don't really dig it).

Asher before his first swim lesson...

Swim lessons (we're the little speck)

On VACATION...the easy way.

Avery has the right idea.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Actually completing a tag...

So I was tagged by Happi at The Berger Buzz. I'm supposed to pick the book closest to me up, turn it to page 123 and read the fifth sentence. After that, I'm supposed to type the next three sentences...but the closest book is a picture book with all of 28 pages. So, I'm reaching a little further for a "grown up book." Luckily I'm past page 123, so I won't spoil it (even though if you know me well, you know that I ALWAYS read the endings of book b/c I hate to not know what is happening and I have NO self-control at times).

So here goes..

Ron was out of prison and back in Ada. When his mother died in August 1985, he was in jail awaiting a competency hearing and staring at two more years in prison. Annette and Renee reluctantly sold the small house where they had grown up. When Ron was paroled from prison in 1986, he had no where to live.

From John Grisham's "The Innocent Man"

I HIGHLY recommend this book if you are interested in the legal system at all. I'm half way through it and can hardly believe that it is a true story. It really makes you think about how our country handles crime.

I am also reading "Getting Things Done" by David's a great self-help book. We all know I need all the help I can get!

Of course, I'm always reading the Bible. :)

Now, I tag anyone reading this...since I"m still building my blogging friend list.

Summer FUN!

So, I have been MIA in the blog world lately. One of my summer resolutions is to work on this since I am home for most of it.

Life was crazy at the end of the year, and then we went on a vacation as a family. We had sooo much fun. We haven't been anywhere as a family since I was pregnant with Ash. We loaded up the car and headed to the south to visit my family. For those of you who do not know, I am a southern girl at heart. I was born in Nashville, and my entire family is from Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina. My parents moved us up here when I was little for my dad's job...but I can still go back into my southern drawl when necessary!

The way the trip went, we had to drive...with both the kids! I was very nervous, but they did a great job. Whoever invented a portable DVD player is a genius...(oh, and the pacifier guy too).

We drove a total of 2200 miles on the highway, 30 hours, 4 different days. First we visited my dad's side of the family in Alabama for the weekend. We then drove to my parents' place in Panama City Beach, FL and hung out with them. Finally, we went to northern Georgia for my cousins wedding. (Scary thought that he is married).

I'll be posting pictures over the next couple of days with stories. Hope you are having a fabulous summer...I'm just glad it isn't as hot here as it is in the south! :)