Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Who doesn't love the pumpkin farm?

Last Monday my sister Janna and I decided to take advantage of the holiday (since we are both teachers) and take the kiddies to the pumpkin farm. We are trying to start family traditions while the kids are still young and like us...then in the future we can hold it over their head that it is tradition, and therefore they must go. Nothing like a little guilt trip.

We met up with Janna at The Apple Howler in Kenosha. It was a pretty good pumpkin farm, but wouldn't recommend picking apples there. Asher went on a "train" ride, led me through the corn maze, and made his own taffy apple. Avery had fun toddling around, and making faces whenever we put her in the hay. She is so prissy! We also enjoyed a hay ride and, of course, picking out some expensive pumpkins for our front porch. Now Mike has to carve them...I don't do messy things like that.

I'm not sure I'll be able to guilt them into doing this in the future:

Avery obviously didn't get the memo that the pumpkin is bigger than she is!

It wouldn't be fall without a tractor ride...

Or a kiddie corn maze.

We love Auntie! Thanks for going with us.


Chicago Momma said...

So cute! Glad you had fun guilting your kids into traditions. You should make it a tradition to go to that crazy corn maze in Michigan and be the first ones to go through it! :)

grayburn said...

What a fun day... I'm so glad we went! I've got some great pics to give to you of the kids picking pumpkins (and getting dirty - ha!).

Thanks for giving me the worlds most adorable niece and nephew... I love them so much!!!

Happi said...

What fun! We are so behind. We still don't have a pumpkin, and Jerry just told me it may snow Monday. BLAH!

I gave you an award over at my blog. Go get it, girl!

See you tomorrow!


Trevor R said...

Look at little Avery! What a cutie, she's like a little person these days now, not a baby! So much can change in so little time!