Monday, January 19, 2009

We all have one...

Whether you're a workin' outside the home momma or stay at home mommy, we all have one...a household chore that we put last on the list and manage to fall behind on. For some of us, it's bathrooms, others dusting. For me, it is laundry! I have tried everything to make it "fun." Cute organizers, great smelling laundry detergents, a little lint collection cleaner. My hubster even went as far as to buy me the flip fold.But still, I hate laundry. I am sadly going to admit that there are even times when I have to run the wash twice due to forgetting about putting it in the dryer. Currently, it is backed up three or four loads...and folding is another story. I fold, then forget to put away. I put away, but spend an hour reorganizing every drawer that has been messed up.

So this workin' momma is honestly thinking of an outside service. It all started when I saw that our local dry cleaner offers laundry washed and folded for $1/pound. Granted, I could never stoop as far as to bring my undies to them...but maybe the hubby's. I think I may go as far as to weigh my next load, just to see if it is realistic. Although if I do this, the next thing would be to get a maid...and I'm thinking the hubster will give me a big no on that one. I can't imagine why...;)

So what about you? What chore do you hate doing...or in my case let pile up? Or how do you manage to get all your laundry done...any fun tips?


Adrienne said...

Laundry is actually my favorite chore! I'll do yours for $1 per pound! :)

My least fave is putting away clean dishes.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!!

Chicago Momma said...

I HATE going through the mail and putting it in it's spot. I have a horrible habit of putting all my junk into a bag and shoving it in my closet... :) Then after a few weeks I take out the bag and go through it. I learned this weekend that my mom does it too so I am thinking it must be hereditary!!! haha

Ange said...

I'm pretty sure James and I are both allergic to dirty dishes. I mean, we even have a dishwasher and still fight over who is going to load and unload the stupid thing.

Happi said...

Um, yeah. Jerry does all our laundry. Otherwise he'd never have anything to wear.

And my dirty little secret is now out!

You guys sounded awesome this weekend. : )

6 Monkeys and Me said...

I have such a hard time keeping up with laundry. For me keeping up is only having 3 loads waiting. I need to do 2-3 loads of laundry daily. That is just a fact of life with 6 young children who wear pj's & clothes and bathe daily! Hubby & I add more towels to the mix as well. The only thing that makes it any easier for me is that I hang almost everything & each child has a specific color of hangers.