Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Preschool and Homework

Ash started preschool on Monday and absolutely loves it. He is going to a Christian preschool right by my in-laws house two afternoons a week. I am extremely excited because there are only 5 children in the class, so he'll have lots of teacher time. Pictures to come later, I promise!

This particular preschool has these adorable bags that have the school's name embroidered on them. Asher brought his home on Monday super excited and filled to the max. He had made a picture out of paint and stamps, had LOTS of calendars for snacks, curriculum, etc, and had homework. Homework! Each child was to fill out a little book about themselves such as: I am 3, My favorite food is..., my favorite color is blue. Some of his answers surprised me to say the least. Who knew his favorite food is watermelon (I think is was because we had just had it for dinner)? I carefully with my best teacher handwriting filled in each of the blanks for him (and of course I didn't change anything). He then set out to color each little page and picture...all three of them. He kept reminding me that he was staying in the lines. I kept reminding in that flowers are not brown. Maybe we should choose a "happy" color. Of course, at no time, did I "assist" him by drawing a watermelon or coloring a crayon blue. Okay, at least I went out of the lines a few times to make it look like a preschooler had done it. Give me some credit.

However, the big project was the little man we, I mean he, had to decorate. You would be so proud of our, I mean his, work. You see, the school sent home a little man that we were supposed to decorate to look like Asher. Let's be realistic people, if Ash had done it on his own, it would have resembled an alien, so I gladly took it upon myself to help him in this task. I cut out little construction paper clothes (don't worry, he picked the colors!) and made a little construction paper Cubs hat complete with the C. Asher picked out a little Lightning McQueen sticker for the shirt, and we placed googly eyes on him. We topped the face off with an adorable little glitter mouth. Let me tell you that I...I mean Ash...did a wonderful job on his little man. It only took an hour and a half!

If only Ash agreed. When I showed him, he made a funny, unimpressed face and said, "Yeah, sure." when asked if he like it.

Bring it on preschool...I'm ready for any homework you may have for us! (Meaning Asher of course...)

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The Kiscellus Fam said...

=) awwwww
They grow up too fast!
I can not believe he gets homework. Too cute!