Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Have a Very Happy Little Girl!

Ya'll (yes I said ya'll...digging into my southern roots) would be very depressed for my children if you saw their toy stash. I "limit" the amount of toys they are aloud to have to a bookshelf in the loft. I can't stand having a bunch of toys lying around being useless. Mike will often hide them to see if Ash or Ave ask for them, and if not, they go to Goodwill. I know, I'm a mean parent.

With this rule, poor Ave has not gotten much in the "girly" toy department. She is happy to play with her brother's trains and cars...even if he is not so thrilled. Lately, she has been getting extremely girly and loving her play stroller and babies. I felt bad that she had nothing girly, but I wasn't about to go out a spend a bunch of money on toys for no reason. So when I received an email this week from a wonderful mother at my school for girls toys, I jumped on it...not even knowing what they were. I was thinking a few dolls, maybe another little stroller or baby clothes would be more than fabulous. When she said she had a kitchen, baby station, and vacuum I was through the roof! Avery would LOOOVVEEE it!

I went over and picked it all up yesterday and brought it home before I picked the kids up at the sitter's house. I wanted to have it all set up for when Ave got home. I wish I would have had my camera for when Avery saw everything! It was like Christmas morning. Come to think of it, I should have saved it...oh well, it was worth the hours spent playing with it.

What a blessing to receive all of this! Thank you!

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Adrienne said...

How fun!! That is fabulous. And by the way, Marcus and I have always whole-heartedly applauded your toy rules.

I think I need to schedule a play date with Avery!! Those toys look fun!