Friday, March 28, 2008

Mom to 7

Spring Break is supposed to be just that...a break. Several months ago, my mom asked me to watch the kids (with mine) while her and my dad went to Florida. I was all about doing it since I would probably gone to Michigan anyway to see them. Ash and Ave love hanging out with them, and I like putting my older sister bits of advise in (okay, I like to annoy them). For those of you who don't know my family, there are seven children total, five of which are still at home and range between 15 and 5. It is fun coming from a big family. I hope to give my own children that one day. But I decided seven at home would never be realistic if I had to work! Spring break did not really give me the break I was looking for (such as umbrella drinks, peace and quiet, quality baby time), but it definitely was fun and rewarding. It gave me a break from the daily routine I normally follow. It was nice to just be somewhere and not have a strict schedule. So, even though I was a mom to 7 this week, I did have a fabulous spring break. I hope all of you did too!

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