Sunday, March 30, 2008

So Mike says I'm an e-stalker...

I will be the first to admit that I am a curious person who can get distracted when interested in something. I especially like to follow links and discover knew things. So I admit, I do look at other people's blogs, even if I do not know them. I am most likely fascinated by their life or wondering if I'm as weird as the husband thinks I am. Sometimes I stumble onto a blog that is an old friend or someone from work or church. Sure, they may not know I found their blog, but let's face it people, it is a blog and meant to be read! If I can find it, I'm going to read it!

This particular habit of e-stalking has never been a problem. Yes, I may keep up with people lives that I have never met, but I like to know the ending to a particular problem or know how something is resolved. This has always been an innocent little way to pass time while watching T.V. However, the other day I encountered my first real problem with e-stalking. I was talking to someone that is somewhat of an acquaintance. She was discussing some improvements that were made on her house. I sat there smiling, listening, asking the appropriate questions. All the while, I had read the blog over the past few months and had seen the pictures. I had to literally stop myself from telling her how well turned out or what a great job she did in choosing colors. Mike was standing by hearing the whole conversation. I'm sure he knew what was happening and inside laughing at me. When we were talking later he immediately knew that my e-stalking had caught up to me. So maybe I learned a lesson. I learned that I should do two things (1) comment on people's blogs that I know so they know I read it (and they can then e-stalk me in return) and (2) I should only e-stalk people I don't know. Hey, it can be a great prayer tool. I can pray for those in need. So, I think they should appreciate my e-stalking! Because really people, it is for your own good!

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Boo Boo's Mommy said...

Hey Julie-

So I had to laugh when I read this...because I guess I just e-stalked you. I found your site when you commented on my sister's (well Seth's) blog. :)

So I do it too!

Stefanie (Dunham)