Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fun in the Sun...More Picture Updates

We had a busy busy busy month of July. I love that month because everyone is in full summer fun. It also helps that it is my birthday month which means PRESENTS. Who doesn't love their birthday month?

We had a great 4th of July...which should have been posted long long ago. I know, slacker stay at home summer mom gets nothing done. Sorry people. My in-laws live right on the parade route so we always have perfect seats for the Vernon Hills parade every year. We started our festivities on the 3rd with me and Mike going to the Taste of Chicago and then watching fireworks on our friend's boat. We honestly thought we were going to get killed at the Taste. That is a blog for a later date I suppose when I finally have my will in place. Probably should get to work on that one. Let's just say while we were there, we did not move a one point for 20 minutes, saw a fight that involved a good 50 people, and almost were trampled my a mob of people running from what we found out later was a shooting right by US. I'm good on the Taste for a few years I suppose.

Anyway, here a few pictures from the fourth. By the end Asher looked incredibly patriotic with all his stickers. If only he could vote!

We then went to Target and got a Slip n' Slide and baby pool and all proceeded to have water fights...all of us over the age of 19 that is! We're all kids at heart.

I spent some quality time with my best friend (and PREGNANT, Yeah) Emily from Florida..

We chilled with Adrienne, the best haircutting horn playing summer babysitting friend that a girl could ask for!

And went to the Lake County Fair with Kristin, Aubrey, and Mr. Bartholomew. Asher is obsessed with our friend Kristin, which is good since she is going to help us out with babysitting next year. The Fair was fun. We saw our first tractor pull (which was loud, smokey, dirty, and kind of weird) and my first rodeo (which did NOT have bull riding. Come on people, I want crazy bulls not crazy HORSES).

I'll keep the pictures coming. I have several other events to post before SCHOOL STARTS! Boo. :)


Chicago Momma said...

Aww cute pictures! And I love your post about Avery's 1st year. Those little pictures remind me so much of my little girl! And as for the Tractor Pull I second your sentiments. The Rodeo was a bust too :(

Happi said...

I LOVE the new look! : ) It's adorable.

Hope to be baking with you soon....just let me know, girl, and I'm willing to help anytime.

Good seeing you guys tonight.


Kristen said...

I cannot get over just how much Avery and Asher look alike! Glad you had such a fun time!