Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer update in pictures

Happi over at The Berger Buzz gave a picture update of all their summer happenings. Since I am so random at blogging, I thought I too would do the same. Really, I just am not as creative as her and steal everyone's ideas...oh well.

We had a fantastic time at the Milwaukee Zoo with Auntie Janna. She even took Ash on their yearly camel ride...Here is one big backside (the camel's that is)

We attended my cousin's wedding in Georgia where I sang and Mike walked babies around.

We also danced the night away (and Avery fell asleep).

My Uncle T baptized me and my little sister Jessa in the pool at Howard Johnsons. I know, interesting place to have it. My Granny got very creative to make it happen! Something I should have done a long time ago. It was great to have someone close to me do it though. Don't worry, he's a pastor, so it is official. :)

Went to our first movie with my friend Jamie.

SOOO much more happened. I will post more pictures and bring us into July on the next post!

Sleeping children means I should be sleeping too!


grayburn said...

LOVE the pictures!!! Thanks for sharing : ).

XOXO from us!

Stefanie said...

So Kristen told me your blog (I've been reading it) and then she said I had to check it because there were recent pictures of your family! I can't believe how big everyone is!

Ange said...

Hey girl! Your children are adorable, Julie! I hate tantrums.

Adrienne said...

1. The baptism is cool! I mean who else can say they were baptized at a Howard Johnson's?! Jessa.
2. I LOVE the dress you wore the wedding! You look fabulous!

Happi said...

Steal away!!! I have NO problem with that. : )

Looks like a great summer, and congrats on your Baptisim. That's awesome that you took that step of obedience.

Blessings for a great rest of the summer!


Kristen said...

So it took me long enough to comment, but I absolutely just LOVED seeing the pictures of your whole family. It has been years since I saw everyone (I think at your wedding!). Those kiddos are growing up fast, including yours. Such a beautiful family! Thanks for posting them!!!