Monday, February 16, 2009

They just get better...

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays, if you can call it one. I love telling my friends and family that I love them and showing it. Obviously, it's not just something I do once a year, but I love the idea of it. My Granny (yes, Granny..we are southern) always sends me a Valentine's Day gift/card. She always remembers us all. On Thursday we all received our cards, Asher and Avery included. Growing up my dad always bought me and my sister a box of chocolate or something special. I loved making the little mailboxes for the school Valentine's...and making sure to not give the boys one that said something like "to my honey" or "Be Mine, Valentine."

My husband is a hopeless romantic and always remembers my favorite things for this day. I LOVE tulips, and Mike usually tries to get them for me. On Thursday, the secretary walked in my classroom with a vase of tulips for me from him. I am very impatient and love getting things early (I know, you would never guess)...this was my early gift. So thank you hubby for the romance. I was envied my many at school. :)

But the real blessing was the actual day this year. I was supposed to take a class all day, but we could not find a sitter. I wonder why! So my day started with my sweet toddlers waking us up. Asher and I then made some yummy chocolate chip banana bread for our gift to daddy (even though he still has not eaten any!). While we were waiting for some ingredients, Mike surprised me with my favorite breakfast...Burger King. (I know, I have such expensive taste.) Mike went to work for the afternoon and me and my sweet babies got to just hang out and play. Matt stopped by to play with the kiddos for a while too, which was a nice surprise for them. After going to church on Saturday night, we went out to dinner at Moe's for burritos. Yes, such the Valentine's Day delicacy. We ended our evening all watching Ash and Ave's new Backyardigans movie that got for the special day.

Yes, I've had romantic dates with my hubby for Valentine's Day and, yes, this was not something that I would consider romantic...but it was a perfect day with my beautiful children and amazing hubby. I am one happy, blessed, and lucky person. I think family day will be the new Valentine's theme. There's plenty of time throughout the year for romance, but never enough time with my family.

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!


Trevor R said...

Sounds like a great time! We kinda took Vday off this year for the first time...trying to cut out costs where we can! I think Mike is great though for keeping the romance alive by doing things like that though!! Way to go Mike!

Happi said...

Sounds wonderful, Julie. Way to go, Mike! : ) Glad it was a great day.