Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crackin' Down

It's been a little brutal around here to say the least. I think my kids are having a hard transition to mommy (a.k.a the enforcer) being home. I'm crackin' down on the fighting and fits that I might have let slide while I was in school. Time outs are our new best friend; well mine at least. You can easily tell if you walk in my house who is used to them. My sensitive little man Ash cries everytime (maybe once a week) he gets in trouble. Sass-master Ave just sits and dutifully puts her time in since it is multiple times a day. I think she doesn't mind time outs since she had fun getting there. I'll need LOTS of prayer in 13 years!


Trevor R said...

I can TOTALLY see Asher crying when he gets in trouble. You can tell he is the sensitive one!

Adrienne said...

Hey girl!
You need to update your kids' ages in your profile! They are so not 2 and 1 anymore. :)