Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm doing it!!!

Well, we have had two major accomplishments from my kids in the past few weeks. One of which I knew, another I did not.

I am a very, very happy mommy when I say that Asher is potty trained! He finally caught on after a week and has only had two accidents (because pants just get in the way sometimes). We've had NO bed wetting yet, but I might have just jinxed it by actually saying it out loud! Now if I can only get him to stop shouting "I'm doing it" everytime he goes (regardless of where he is), I will truly be thrilled.

Avery gave me a little surprise yesterday when she randomly started counting to ten. I was counting to three for her to do something and she looked at me and innocently counted to ten for me! I was baffled. I didn't know that she could do that! I wonder if she can secretly read or cook or do the laundry. I should test her on that.

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