Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Countdown has begun!

Being a teacher, there are several things that we look forward to...fall conferences (followed by 4 days off), Thanksgiving break (5 days off!), winter vacation, spring break...and SUMMER!  Okay, so there are many more things that we look forward.  Yes, we look forward to the milestones that the children accomplish.  Seeing them learn and acheive new goals.  The fall play or the spring musical...but those are all expected, right?  However, I love that my job enables me time off with children.  Since I have to work, this is the best job for our family!

I am so excited for this summer since this is the first summer in all my teaching years that I have OFF!!!  I have either been in graduate school or pregnant (and in graduate school).  I am so looking forward to spending time with Ash and Ave, LOTS of playdates, warm weather, and VACATIONS!

We have been planning a big two week vacation this summer for quite a while.  It involves a week long family reunion on my mother-on-law's side to Disney World.  Yes, we are going to the place where "dreams come true."  I'm sure Avery will be starstruck seeing all the princesses or Mickey Mouse.  Asher is looking forward to any Cars character there might be.  Mommy is not looking forward to long days with many breakdowns...but it is worth the crying on both parts because of all the memories being made! 

We are then hitting up a weekend long family reunion for my Granny's family in Georgia....venturing back to the deep south where all my family is from.  I'll most likely have it out with my cousins who cannot let go that the North won the Civil War.  Seriously, this is what our family debates.  Sad, I know.  It's not my fault my parents moved me to Yankee territory when I was little!  This will follow with my uncle telling me I talk to fast and that I have an accent.  Ha!  I really do love spending time with my family.

From there, we are going to good ole Panama City Beach.  We have gone there basically every summer since I was born and my grandparents live there fulltime now.  My mom's entire family is going to be there for a week and we're sharing a condo on the beach with my sister and brother-in-law and my cousin and his wife.  We'll have lots of fun playing in the sand and swimming in the ocean (although Mike won't because he's weird!).  So looking forward to my kids spending time in the summer like I did every year of my life.  I know they will make great memories!

Here's the condo where my grandparents live (and we'll be staying!)

And the walk down to the beach!  Can't beat that view!

It's kind of interesting because we are spending the week doing what Mike's family did every year for vacation (Disney) and then doing what my family did every year for vacation (the beach!).  Obviously, I'm partial to the beach! :) 

We'll swing by and visit my grandparents in Alabama on the way home.  Should be fun!

I'll also be going with my aunt, mom, and sister to North Carolina to my Aunt Karen's cabin for several days in the end of July. That should be so fun!  My aunt and sister are a riot to be around...always keeping us laughing (or making fun of me and my mom!).

What about you?  Any great plans for the summer?


Kristen said...

Sounds like some great vacation plans! So glad that you have the summer truly off. Look forward to pics from your fun times!

Kara said...

Wow. Sounds amazing... I'm getting jealous reading about it! Enjoy a little of the beach for me, and take tons of pictures!