Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fun Weekend

 We had a jam-packed weekend...but it was a jam-packed with fun activities, so it was worth it!  Saturday was house cleaning, followed by worship team for mom & dad while the kids played with Uncle Marc, Uncle Matt, & Rowie.  Always a hit there!

Sunday was church, a 1st birthday party for Josh Denny (such a sweet baby boy that we LOVE!  I forgot to take pictures though!), and dinner with Uncle Ry and Auntie Janna.

We went to dinner at the Chancery up at Pleasant Prairie in the Ramada at the outlets.  I HIGHLY recommend this restaurant.  Their nacho dip is amazing!  We always get it...so check it out after a long day of shopping.  It won't disappoint.

Janna wanted a new background picture for her phone with her favorite neice and nephew.  This was quite commical and took about 15 minutes to get one with both of them looking and not moving!  Here are two that I took on my camera.  Two because, although my sister always looks amazing, my children do not!  One is great of Ave and the other is decent of Ash.  Got to love taking pictures with children!

Thanks for dinner Jan and Ry!  We had a blast!

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Kristen said...

Yeah for fun weekends and getting to hang out with family! Your kids are adorable. :)