Sunday, April 6, 2008

So I'm a beast...

I had quite the week of sickness. It turned out that my brothers and sisters last week actually are the ones who gave me a nasty bug of a 102 fever, horrible cough, runny nose, and NO VOICE! Being a teacher, I kind of have to have a voice to do my job. However, it is worse when you are a director and can't even really rehearse your choirs! The nurse at school was not very happy with me b/c I kept taking my temp. at school. It was consistently around 101-102. She kept yelling at me to go home. Well, I could if I hadn't used all my sick days on maternity leave! I really think schools should give maternity leave, but that is a whole other topic and rant for a blog! I think my vice-principal thinks I'm crazy. Coming back to work so quickly after Avery prompted him to call me a machine (in a nice way)....After being sick all week, I have graduate to a beast. The sick part of that is that I think that is a compliment! Nothing is going to bring me down! Thankfully my kids haven't really caught that bug. My husband was great and did the house so I could sleep. He spoils me!

After a week of being sick, I am FINALLY feeling better. The day was gorgeous yesterday, so I decided we all needed to get out of the house. I strapped Asher and Avery into the stroller for a LONG walk. I was so impressed with Ave! She hasn't actually ridden in a stroller the "correct" way yet, since she is always in the carrier. But she rode yesterday like a champ and even fell asleep. It was so cute to finally see the two of them with their little hats on riding next to each other. Ash at one point was holding her hand! If only I had my camera at that point!

I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather we were given yesterday. Spring is finally on its way!

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