Sunday, April 13, 2008

Retreat fun...and other ramblings

This past weekend I had the experience of my first women's retreat. Overall, it was great to get away and "revive" myself. I really connected with what the speaker had to say and am taking away many many good things. I must admit though, I was not in the right mindset or heart for going. I was missing my kids and hubby. At home, I am very independent and like to stay busy, but when I am away I realize just how much I love my hubby and depend on him. He is so gracious to me and does so much for me. He is excellent at keeping me grounded and telling me when it is time to adjust my attitude.

I think that the enemy really took hold of my not really being prepared to be away. I had been sick for the last two weeks and wanted to stay and clean my house and see my kids. I had no voice, and I was helping with worship. I was nervous about meeting new people and if they would like me. I finally got myself there after dropping my kids off an hour late. I was frazzled, but proud of myself for actually making it. Friday night was great. I was timid in meeting people, which is not like me at all though. I have a hard time for some reason really reaching out and getting myself into the circles at church sometimes. We have been there three years now, and my husband has many more friends. I was nervous at trying to make more and not quite certain as to how to go about it. I chickened out for the most part and stuck with the people I knew.

Saturday was a whole other issue for me. I lost my keys, like usual. Thinking I left them in the car, locked, I panicked and called Mike. The AMAZING guy that he is, he drove them up for me just to find that I had not done so. So then I panicked, and prayed. Mind you all this time I have no voice and I'm feeling so sick to my stomach! I called Mike and threatened him that he was dead if I was pregnant. He nicely reminded me that was not an option and I was not. Thankfully he keeps me level headed!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Avery started eating...Pictures to come later!

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