Friday, April 25, 2008

Wup Day

So Asher is quite the little talker since Avery was born. I asked my mom if she thought Asher was normal, and she told me he was a little behind on talking. I, of course, went into freak out mode. No one will tell this momma her child can't do something! So ever since Ave was born, Ash can talk. We worked with him and listened to his ramblings. Often we don't understand, but like good parents, we pretend we do.

About three weeks ago, Ash starting declaring that something was "wup day." He gets this little mischevious look on his face and grins whenever he says it. His little face lights up and he thinks it's hilarious. We would too...if we knew what wup day was. We continually questioned him about it. When is it? What do you do? Who does it? We still are clueless.

The mean parents we are, we starting fooling with our child's head. We will often ask him if today is wup day...we'll get really excited and ask him if we can do wup day. Sometimes, he says yes, but usually no. Often, we'll walk in the store and tell him we're bringing Ave to wup day and ask if he wants to come. Normally he won't. Once in a while I"ll tell him to get his shoes on b/c we are going to the park for wup day. He's excited. I have no idea why. That's okay though. We are both amused now by wup day...and maybe one day Mike and I will actually know (and be able to celebrate) what wup day is. Until then, we are having a ball watching him try to explain it in two year old words.


Chicago Momma said...

haha that's hilarious! I wish I could celebrate wup day with you guys! That picture of Avery is so cute in the girls' matching sweaters :) We need to get together again soon!

Happi said...

They say the funniest things, don't they? Cody used to sit at the table, smile a big grin, then lean over the table and say "happy g r." we couldn't figure out for the longest time what on earth he was talking about til one day when I was on the phone. I was spelling my name, first and last. He then leaned over the table again, smiled that big smile and said "HAPPY G R!" (We still have no idea why he felt the need to lean across the table when he said it!)

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