Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Who knew...?

Preschool. I can't believe I'm even blogging about that yet, but the time has arrived. I started exploring preschool options. After having a small mental breakdown (is my little guy really that old...AM I really that old!), I bit the bullet and started calling around. Now mind you, this is February and I'm calling for NEXT fall. February, people! Yet, much to my surprise, two of the schools recommended to me were full. Man, am I slacking on my child's education! Who knew that you had to sign them up for a good preschool program six months in advance...for a program that they need to be potty trained for even before they are completely potty trained...for a program I still don't know how I'm going to get him to three days a week. They definitely do not tell you this when you bring the child home for the hospital. I consider myself a planner. I was wrong.

Maybe I'll just sign Avery up too while I'm at it. It seems that is the age.

I'll keep you posted if I, I mean, Asher gets into the preschool I am wanting. Cross your fingers...


Adrienne said...

Wow, I never knew you had to do it so far in advance either! He will have so much stinkin' fun though. :)

The Hangs said...

I understand. M will be in kindergarten! I am too young to have school aged children!! AHHHH!!! But alas, what would it be like to have a quiet house? :) haha... good luck on getting in!

Happi said...

Crossing fingers and toes! I had to sign Caden up too, but my dilemma is that I can't find his birth certificate. Did I ever get one? Where could it be hiding?

Ah, the joys of parenting more than one child.

Hope Ash is better!!!

HUGS, Happi

The Kiscellus Fam said...

Yeah I have been looking around too, and noticed that some already have waiting lists.. I need to decide soon where I want him to go! Good luck, and yes it crazy our kids are that old!