Friday, February 27, 2009

Sushi Baby

The other night Asher was at my in-laws, so Mike and I decided to take Ave out to dinner for a special treat (for us, really). We were heading up to Chili's when we passed this little Korean (I think)/ sushi restaurant that I always to go to with my fellow teachers. If you know Mike, you know that he has quite a taste for...shall we say...bland and boring foods. After convincing him that there was bound to be something he liked on the menu, he okayed the choice.

I have found a new likeness in sushi lately. No, I'm not having pregnancy cravings. I just like sushi.I love this restaurant's California rolls...I get them everytime I go. I think about them daily, crave them, and splurge every in-service day on them. Naturally, I ordered them. As quick as they came, they were gone! My little 18 month old hoarded and finished the entire roll by herself...seaweed and all. I jokingly guessed it was the Asian in her...even though it isn't her Asian parent that like them. Next time, I'll order two.


grayburn said...

Umm... I've known you how long, and didn't know you liked sushi. We definitely didn't get that from mom... you always have me to eat sushi with... I love it too!

The Kiscellus Fam said...

I hate any thing that comes from water...