Friday, April 30, 2010

Awana Awards

Asher participates in Awana every Monday night at our church.  It is a great time for the children to learn Bible verses, about the Word of God, and make new friends.  Being a working mom has made it tricky to get him there, fed, knowing his verse on time every week, but it was a commitment I'm glad we kept.  Asher had so much fun and I know he learned a lot!

This past Monday night was Awana awards.  Asher got an award for being a first year Cubbie.  He was so cute accepting his award.  Once again, he did not sing.  Oh well!

My friend Kristy (and the kids' sitter who they LOVE) took these pictures for me because my camera was dead.  Surprised?  Kristy's daughter Carissa was inside the Cubbie bear.  Asher thought that was the coolest!

Here he is with all his Cubbies buddies...

At receiving his award (he was behind the stand).

Finally with Cubbie Bear!

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