Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Mike and I love worship music, and our favorite group by far is Hillsong. I was sceptical of the whole worship music scene a while back...I thought it was cheesy and I definitely did not listen to any of it. A few years ago, Mike challenged me to listen to a Hillsong CD. He was always playing it, so I decided to appease him and just listen. Once. Well, twice. An hour.

We love their music. It is always on playing at our house or we have the DVDs playing while we do housework. Ash and Ave can both sing almost every single song (including the guitar riffs and drum parts...scary, I know). I love hearing my kids praising the Lord in their carseats in the back. So cute! It blesses this mommy's heart.

So when we heard they were touring the USA in April, we jumped on the bandwagon to buy tickets. We ended up going to the soldout concert at Sears Center with some friends. We (my husband..) were the crazies who bought general admission tickets. Decoded that means "Standing room only...really close to the stage...so loud your ears bleed, your entire body feels the bass drum (including the credit cards in your pocket)...and you are in a mass of people praising the Lord (and not all singing on key)."

It was an awesome experience to be worshipping for 3 hours straight with thousands of strangers. We were so close to the stage, the is was just like being a church...with really cool lights, amazing sound, and thousands of people. Okay, so it wasn't like church, but it was so neat. If you don't have their CDs, check them out. Their newest is Faith+Hope+Love.

And before my husbands bashes me...yes, there is Hillsong and Hillsong United. Both equally fabulous. :)

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