Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ayson- 1 Month Memories

I wanted to record some things about Ayson at his 1 month so I remember how big he was, etc.  I found these stickers at Hobby Lobby that are adorable.  I hope to remember to do a post every month, which should be fairly easy since he turns another month on the 1st.

Ayson you are one month old!  You weigh 8 lbs 12 oz, which is almost 2 pounds up from your birth weight!  Your little face has gotten a lot chubbier, but that is about all the chub on you right now.  You are a wonderful eater and take a 3 ounce bottle every 3-4 hours.  You have grown to 21.5 inches, which is about 1.25 inches since birth!

You are still in newborn clothes and diapers.  Thankfully, you sleep great during the day and at night.  You usually go down around 11 p.m. and don't get up for a bottle until 6 or 7 am!  We really appreciate that at night.  You love to be swaddled and calm right down whenever we put you in it.  Thank goodness for that invention!

You are such a joy and a wonderful addition to this family.    Asher loves to say how cute you are, and I often find Avery holding your paci for you or trying to push you in the swing (thankfully not too high...).

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