Friday, December 23, 2011

What's in a Name?

Ayson Davis Tiojanco is what we named our latest son.  For all our children, we have not named them until right before leaving the hospital.  We are usually calling the birth certificate lady as we walk out the door. 

Ayson was no different.  All the names I loved did not start with an A.  Mike wanted the baby's name to start with an A.  Mike is from a family with 3 M's and I have 7 J's in mine.  We accidently followed the tradition by naming Avery with the same letter as her older brother.  No intentional! 

Finding an A name to fit with Asher and Avery was difficult.  We didn't like each other's only A name. I can still remember the day when Janna, my sister, threw out the name Ayson.  We were at the beach with my extended family all trying to come up with names.  Ayson came up and I liked it.  Mike was harder to convince.  Fast forward several months of me looking online.  I stumbled onto a baby name site that had mainly surnames.  Ayson was listed as meaning "Pride of the father, greatest love of the mother."  After what we had been through the previous year with babies, I fell in love with the meaning. 

Davis is my maiden name.  We toyed with the middle name Luke too.  Ultimately, I couldn't decide and left the room while Mike called the birth certificate lady.  I came back and asked what he named him!  I was so glad he chose Davis though so part of my family name can continue through the years.  Both sides of my family carry the name Davis, so it was special to have everyone represented. 

Asher and Avery were a different story.  For months, Avery would say she hated every name.  We would tease and call him something and she would fuss "Nooo....We haven't decided on a name yet!"  They both wanted Gavin or Lucas.  Where they got these, I have no clue!  Avery even declared that she was calling him Lucas after we brought him home and did so for three days.  Love the mind of a four year old!

Since naming him, I've gotten different reactions about his name from loving it to funny faces.  I was nervous for a bit, but have since fallen in love with it (and him!).   At least there will most likely be only one Ayson in his classes growing up!  

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Kara said...

Just seeing these posts about Ayson -- I've been a bit behind in my keeping up with my blogging (or, like me, not-so-blogging) friends... and I love this post - well said. I love what his name means! miss you, dear friend - hoping to remedy that soon!