Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Birthday Fun

So today was my birthday...and I found that I was quite surprised about several things:

1. I'm not really enjoying them as much as I get older. It was fun when the milestones were 16, 18, 21. But now that my next milestone is 30 (in four years), it isn't as much fun. I wonder why?

2. Facebook is a wonderful thing! I was surprised how many people wished me happy birthday on facebook. Isn't it great when you have something to remind you of someone's birthday? Thanks everyone! Now I have no reason to forget theirs either though. Need to work on that one.

3. I have the BEST little brothers. I am watching my 5 younger siblings while my parents are out of town. When I walked in this morning, they all sang happy birhtday. Much to my suprise tonight, they made me their version of my dad's homemade milkshakes that I love! Pretty good for a 13 and 11 year old!

4. My husband is so sweet...okay, already knew this one...but remembering flowers when he wasn't there was nice. Thanks honey.

5. I really do love birthday traditions. Ever since we were little, my family from the south has called and sung happy birthday over the phone. They never fail, even when I'm turning 26 and am not the youngest cousin anymore (by far).

6. I'm officially missing my younger body! Things do not look the same as they did before children. I miss being skinny! I'm officially on the get skinny by my husband's ten year reunion. I've already threaten that if I get back to my size 4's from before Asher that I am never having another child. We can ADOPT! :) Any tips from people who have lost baby weight...anyone needing a partner to cry with when you just want to eat chocolate? Give me a call! :)


Kristen said...

Facebook is definitely fun on the birthday! And I will never forget yours. I am glad you had a nice day. Have fun with all of those siblings! You'll have to post pictures of them. I don't think I've seen any of them since you got married, and that was years ago!

Happi said...

OH GIRL, I am so with you on the get skinny thing. (Refer to my blog.) I have found great comfort in the random tablespoon of peanut butter, Crystal Light has become my new "coke" and I have chosen frozen fruit instead of ice cream. Not quite the same, but it tastes "sweet!"

Just so you know, I think you look great just how you are. : ) And happy belated birthday!!!