Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bed Sharing...

is never fun with a toddler!

Once again, this week I was out watching the little kids for my parents. I say little, but they are 5-15..not so little anymore. We had a GREAT time "family bonding" by going to the park and zoo. Most importantly, there is someone always here to entertain Asher in the basement of toys!

All week long I've had to share a bed with Asher. Avery sleeps in my parents' bathroom whenever we are here because it is massive! Seriously, bigger than some of my bedrooms growing up. Who needs that much space to do those things! Anyway, Asher and I had the joy of sharing a bed. I have had the joy of being kicked in the face every night this far. Oh, he snores too. I would hate to leave that out! But, even if he lies sideways over both our pillows the entire night, I can't complain. How many more times am I going to have the opportunity to snuggle with my favorite two year old every night for a week? I value these moments because we all know they aren't going to last forever...even if it means I have a soggy slobbered on pillow in the morning.


Chicago Momma said...

aww... that is sweet :) They always say that we'll miss these times. I already feel like it's going by so fast!

grayburn said...

I thought I was your favorite person to share a bed with?! Just kidding... Asher is such a sweetie!

XOXO from Milwaukee!!!