Sunday, July 6, 2008

Don't you just LOVE GPS?

I will be the first to admit that I am horrible at directions. Thankfully I have a built in GPS system named Asher. He has the way to places memorized and will quickly tell which way to go. I'm actually quite impressed that a two year old can get me to my in-laws house which is 25 minutes a way. Often I hear..."not that way mommy" or "green means go mommy." Just wait until he has his permit...I'm going to give it to him. :)

Asher is obsessed with "monster trucks" lately. He finds them a says in a very manly voice "woh mommy, monster truck.." It is really quite cute. However today, I was telling him to look out his window for some. He said that he was looking out his "nonow" (window) for one. I didn't really understand what he was saying, so I asked him to repeat it. He said to me quite seriously (and very cutely), "Mommy, me not know how to say that word." At least he is honest.


Adrienne, Wife of a Luthier said...

Too cute!!

grayburn said...

Do you think Asher will be able to get us to Marshalls next time we need a GPS?! Ha! Keep the pictures coming... we love to see them! Give Ash and Ave a BIG HUG & KISS from us! XOXO

P.S. - Where are the zoo pics?!?!

The Hangs said...

HI Julie! Adge showed me your blog... very cute!! Good to "catch" by reading the blog. :)