Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Meet the family...

For all those out there that read my blog (all two of you), I thought I should introduce you to my family. You've already been introduced to my two kiddos, Ash and Ave, but I've also talked about the bottom 5...siblings that is. I have an older sis (shout out to Janna...I'm so hip, aren't I) who is in the upper 2 perfect children with me. When I was ten, my parents started the second half...or the little kids (Jaime (15), John (12), Josiah (11), Jessa (9), and Josh (5)) Looking back, I may not have always loved having such little brothers and sisters. When is it cool for your nine month pregnant mom to pick up you and your date for homecoming? But it was fun to be a junior in college with a newborn brother. I am grateful that Asher can relate so well the little kids, especially since Josh is only two years older than him. I count it a privilege to have such a big family. I love the chaos (perhaps naming us all with a J helped that), never really being bored, and the craziness that comes with a big family. Now that my mom is most likely falling over if she is reading are a few pictures from our time out in Michigan.

Asher and Uncle Josh

Jessa and her Asian mini-me

Jaime and Avery at the zoo...she can relate to the stares people used to give me at her age when I would have to do that!

The Toledo Zoo was great (but 98 degrees!)..they had these random little statues of animals everywhere. My family of course hops on all of them!

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Kristen said...

I seriously cannot believe how old your siblings are! I remember when it was just you and Janna... What a fun family!