Friday, April 3, 2009

Gotta love a three year old

I love the phase that Asher is in. He's constantly learning new words, picking up phrases, and constantly making me laugh.

Yesterday he was playing in the loft with Avery when I managed to overhear them "talking." Avery had put Ash's car underneath the couch by accident, to which he replied in a very manly voice:
"Stand back Avy, I hope I am strong enough to push this couch."

To which Avery replied, "Yeah" in her deep raspy voice. I definitely laughed at that one.

On another note, Asher learned the hard way that cotton balls are NOT marshmallows. While unloading the bags from our trip the store, Asher held up the bag of cotton balls we had just purchased. He quickly exclaimed, "Thank you mommy for buying marshmallows!" I placed the bag on the counter and let him know they were cotton balls, not marshmallows.

Fast forward to 30 minutes later. Mike and I came downstairs to Ash sitting at the counter holding two cotton balls and wet cotton stuck to his chin. With disgust, he looked at us and proclaimed, "These are funny tasting marshmallows mommy." Luckily, he had only had a few bites. Maybe next time I should buy real marshmallows at the store for the poor kid.

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Adrienne said...

Haha! Wish you had pics of the marshmallow story! And that is too funny about them talking to each other. So...was he strong enough to push the couch??