Sunday, April 26, 2009

Move over Beyoncé...

Julie's in the house.

This past week I had a chance to bring out my inner star at school. I busted out my very rusty dance moves and even learned the words to Beyoncé's current hit thanks to our second lip sync contest. Last year I was asked to sponsor our lip sync contest, offering the kids advice on songs, dance moves, or how to make it seem like they were really singing. So again, I had this fun task of co-directing the show. Sounds fun, right? So how was I a star you might ask...well, a few brave (or should I say roped in) teachers last year performed a song by Destiny's Child entitled "Survivor." I recieved the short end of the straw and was chosen as the lead for lip syncing the song. This year, in order to keep with tradition, three of the original four teachers did "Single Ladies" complete with choreography. We even took the time to watch the video on youtube and learn the cleaner version of the dance moves. It's never good though when you look out and see half your students with their cell phones or parents with camcorders out recording your performance. Just look for me as the next youtube star...and please comment nicely!


The Hangs said...

I knew it was in you. Double threat. Maybe triple? :)

Happi said...

GO GIRL! : ) I wish I'd been there to see you bust a move.

I hear you had a busy weekend. Missed you at the retreat, but I am sure it's a relief to cross off another one of the Master's requirements. Finish line, here you come!

When things slow down a bit, let's get together for a good old-fashioned BBQ. : )


Andrea said...

Thanks for including me in the pictures. If I wasn't humiliated enough now I have to see it on your blog!!